Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Lesson in Absence.

A week and a half ago, Shanelle messaged me about how she was feeling down on one of her stories. It was one of my favourites, one that she had always seemed so excited about, and suddenly she found that she wasn't liking it anymore. 

So I gave her some advice: leave it

What's the point in writing a story when you're not feeling it? This was what I did with Crash Into Me the first and the second time that I wrote it, and I ended up hating it both times. It's such a terrible feeling, coming to hate something that you've worked so hard on - but I think it was a worse feeling that I made myself finish the story and ended up hating it anyway. 

I told her all about my haters and my experiences with writing Crash..., and she heeded my advice. She decided to leave her story, in the hopes that one day she might come back, dust it off, and be excited to write it again. 

Skip forward to last night, when I blogged on Mibba about how I didn't know what to do with Crash Into Me. Did I want to write it? Did I want to re-post the old version and leave it at that? Obviously, I love the thought of re-writing it - I want to write the story that I originally saw in my head, and most importantly I want to be happy with the story. As I'm sure I've stated in a previous blog, I see it as unfinished business. 

But every time I try to start the re-write, I find that I'm not happy with it. I've been trying to force it, and in the long run that isn't good for anybody. So when Shanelle read my blog, she gave me some very much needed advice. 

Let it be

It was a strange moment, realising that I should be taking my own advice. But she was absolutely right, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

It means I'll be breaking a promise to my readers, and I hate that. But it's the best thing to do for myself right now. I need to focus on my assignments, on my original stories. I need to focus on the works that I am excited for. That's the only way I'm going to get myself writing again. 

So to my readers that were looking forward to the Crash Into Me revamp, I'm sorry. It won't be coming in the foreseeable future. But hopefully one day I'll pick it up, dust it off, and be excited to write it again.

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  1. Hopefully one day I'll pick up Live Eternally. :) But who knows right? Relearning how to write is one of the biggest struggles. I'm going to have to do it too. I've been staring at my computer, trying to figure out what words are for days. *le sigh*

    I wish you luck!