Thursday, 18 June 2015

Learning to Write (Again).

I think it's time to admit to the truth: I have forgotten how to write. 

Or this is how I'm starting to feel, anyway. When I wrote Lost, everything just seemed to flow. The story got written with minimal effort and I was happy at the end of it, which had never really happened before. Then it was finished, my life went completely haywire, and it was like... I just couldn't write anymore. I couldn't find the words to say what needed to be said; everything I wrote, I hated.

I've been working on the second draft of The Angel of Vengeance again. I have a prologue written, which I'm not really a fan of, and I usually get about five paragraphs written of the first chapter before I start hating that, too. So I rewrite it, and the process repeats itself. Until tonight, when I looked at it and realised that every version I have so far is crap. First chapters are supposed to draw the reader in. Mine are just...boring. 

So it feels like I need to learn to write again. And unfortunately, that means making a few mistakes, doesn't it?

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