Friday, 9 October 2015


NaNoWriMo is almost upon us, and this year I'm really hoping to do things right and come out with something that I'm truly happy with. But then, that was my plan in 2014 too, wasn't it? So what's going to make this year different? 

If you remember my NaNoWriMo 2014 experience, you know that it wasn't really a pleasant one. I didn't decide until the very last week of October that I was even going to participate, and then in that week I changed my idea drastically three times. On my first day of writing I was already hating my idea, and on my second one of my co-workers laughed in my face because he was "miles ahead" with his word count. 

While I had said that I wanted to take my time and do things right, hating my idea and having a co-worker act like a child and make fun of me meant I rose to his taunt and turned a challenge into a competition. 

This year I want to do things right
I have already decided on an idea, which I am tentatively titling Dreamwalker, and I am hoping that I'm able to stick with this idea and not hate it before November begins. It's not a new idea for me - it's something I've been toying with for over a year, though it's just a general idea with no solid plot at this point. In the next three weeks I want to give it a plot, flesh out my characters, and know exactly where I want it to go. I want to be prepared on November first so I can get it right. 

That co-worker from last year? He's already bragging about how he's planning the greatest novel ever. But I'm refusing to rise to his challenge this year. I don't want to rush this novel if it doesn't want to be rushed. If I finish it in seven days, great - it was meant to be. If I don't finish before November thirty, that's fine too. 
What matters is that I am happy with the way I do things, and I'm not going to let anybody tell me differently. 

If you're participating this year, go ahead and add me as a friend

For those who've participated before, or had it in other situations, did you have anybody who wasn't supportive in the right way? How do you deal with people like that?

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  1. I'm super excited for your story. :D I'm just super excited in general. I have always wanted to participate in this event but when the time came my time vanished all together. So hopefully this year, because I'm forcing it lets be honest, I'll actually be able to participate.

    I don't talk to a lot of people about my writing. I do have a friend of mine that I was in college with that is a main inspiration. She reads almost everything, and she's always there for me. But she's never made me feel like I need to leap and bound ahead. She's always kept me clear headed and rounded, so I actually do what I set out for. Lol.