Saturday, 31 October 2015


It's that time of year again: Halloween is coming to a close, taking October with it, and NaNoWriMo officially starts tomorrow. 

I'd decided on my story idea at the beginning of the month - an old idea of mine that I tentatively titled Dreamwalker. And in true fashion, today I started to wonder at whether I should use that idea at all. I never got to the planning, so I still only have a general plotline to run with. I have another story that I've been thinking about, just a fun little project for a friend and myself, which would be easier to write. 

But is that what it's all about? Doing what's easy? 

My creativity is finally making a comeback, after two years of practically nothing. In the past month I've started working on two stories - The Demons in Us, and (finally) the re-write of my fan fiction Crash Into Me. Both are coming slow but steady, and it makes me think that November is coming at a bad time. Most years I would drop all stories to work on my NaNo novel, but this year I don't want to disrupt the flow. Which is why I considered the "easier" story. I could write all three stories and still finish NaNoWriMo with time to spare. 

I think like this, because I have managed to hit 50,000 words every year that I have participated. So it took a little bit of reminding myself that, hey - you don't have to hit 50,000 words. It's okay to fail, especially if you're doing it because you want to work on other stories. Sure, I wanted this November to go well - I wanted to take things slowly and finish with a novel I could be proud of. But if doing that means sacrificing the other things I'm working on, is it really worth it? 

So a part of me doesn't expect to win this year. And that's okay. Because I have the rest of my life to sit and write Dreamwalker. It's just a matter of not killing my creativity before I've fully got it back.

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