Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Demons in Us.

At the beginning of the month I posted about some research I was doing, and now I've decided to start posting the story. 

So meet The Demons in Us, a story that is making me as nervous as a first-time poster. 

I think I said it in my previous entry, but I'll say it again: this wasn't a new idea.

The idea for this story came to me two years ago, after reading the first few chapters of a story that one of my own readers was posting. I briefly explained the idea to her back then, and we both liked it. But of course, it never went any further than that. My writer's block went on and nothing ever came of it.  

It remained in my little book of ideas, of course, and I came back to it. 

After my beginning-of-the-month researching, I wrote a short prologue - in the form of a newspaper article, as I said I was considering. And that prologue sat on my computer for almost three weeks before I decided that yes, I liked it. And yes, I wanted to write the story. 

And so I posted the prologue. 

I posted it for many reasons, but my main one is this: I am tired of this writer's block ruling my life. I was always so inspired to write when I had readers commenting on my work, spurring me on. I hate deleting the things I post online, and leaving them unfinished. So in posting the prologue, I was hoping it would almost force me to write the rest of the story - and thereby get over my writer's block. 

The first chapter is coming slow, but so's working. 

I am excited. 

You can read The Demons in Us on Mibba and Wattpad.

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  1. I adored the prologue! And I commented and I'm excited. *number one stalker in the house*