Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Will There Be a Sequel?

A few days ago I got a message on Wattpad. It was from a user who had just finished reading Lost, telling me that it was an "awesome fan fiction" - something that two years on from completing the story, I still love hearing. But the main reason for the message was so the user could ask what is probably the most popular question I get at the end of every story I write: is there going to be a sequel? 

I used to love sequels. It got to the point that every time I planned a story, I was planning a sequel right along side it. The first works I posted online were a series of three stories - plus a prequel story, a sequel to the "original trilogy", and a collection of song-fics to go with it! My original stories tended to be stand-alones for a long while, but when I made the move to band fiction my love of sequels returned. 

The whole time I wrote Crash Into Me, I had a sequel in mind. 

That sequel still lives with me so strongly that I'm writing Crash... for the third time in the hopes that I don't end up hating it, so that I might finally get the sequel out of me. But I think this love/hate relationship with Crash... and the fact that I never wanted to write the sequel in the end was one of the main reasons that I decided, right from the beginning, that Lost would have no sequel. 

I remember this decision being a strong one. It grew stronger still when I finished the story, because I felt that the story was truly complete. There were no gigantic lose ends, there was just enough detail for the readers to imagine the rest for themselves, and - probably the most important point - the story itself was done

I toyed with the idea of a sequel on occasion - I did again when I got this message - but I always come to realise that there's just no second tale that needs to be told for Zacky and Lysander, and so there's no need for a sequel. 

This is something I find I need to remind myself on occasion, and I feel that others would benefit from it, too. Sometimes there's no need for a sequel - don't force one if it's not right. It just ruins your story in the end.

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  1. I'm awfully late to the game aren't I? Hello non-the-less!

    There's a sequel in my head for Live Eternally (and the rest of the story for that matter) maybe one day.. eh? I keep finding myself drawn to fanfiction and nothing else. It's exhausting. That's why I brought up a few days ago the idea of original fiction, and turning a fan fiction into such a thing. I don't know. Just an idea.

    Also, just an fyi, this is going to be my blog (what I'm commenting from). I still have that domain but I'm going to let it die. I can't keep websites going so theres no real point in paying for them as I see it. xD