Friday, 1 April 2016


April is the month of my birth, and so a good time to make fresh starts, I think. I was going to completely wipe my blog clean today and start anew, but after skimming through all of my past entries (and deleting a couple) I decided that there was no need. It's good to look back on the old; I can learn a lot from reading my own words. 

I am using this entry as a new beginning of sorts, though. I have my yearly to-do list already, but I wanted to expand on my writing point. So here's a small to-do list that revolves around my writing. 

Renée Shantel's Writing To-Do List! 

Complete Raphael and The Sparrow: my old readers already know about my short story Raphael and The Sparrow is another short story that I wrote for one of my assignments. I want to re-write both of these shorts, polish them up to the best of my abilities, and attempt to get them published before the end of the year. 

Continue writing Crash Into Me: this one might seem obvious, but it's not. There isn't a week that goes by where I don't get mixed feelings about this re-write: sometimes I hate it; sometimes I wonder why I'm still writing fan fiction that will never go anywhere. I keep debating whether or not I want to re-write it at all. And then, just when I decide that I'm going to give it up, I remember how much it means to me - and I keep on going. I want to finish it and at least like it, and I want to write the sequel. So I'm pushing forward. 

Second draft Dead Ringer: another problem I have is with my second drafts, none of whom want to work for me. I'm finding that a lot of my plots are unfinished and need work, and that ends up being a creativity killer. But I will often turn my sights to Dead Ringer, the result of NaNoWriMo 2013. This is a story I want to get back into this year - and I was encouraged to do this when Shanelle said she liked the sound of it. Hopefully soon I'll be posting it for all to read. 

And so there we have it. Three or so things I want to accomplish this year, among others. Now I just need to keep my focus.

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  1. If I buy the sanity at Walmart then I need you to go pick up some focus and we'll be set! We can share and we'll be perfectly happy and content.

    I think you'll be able to achieve your goals. You are one of the most motivated writers I've met on Mibba and other sites, and I've met quite a few. :) I believe in your drive, which in turn gives me drive! Maybe I'll make myself a little list too. I've been meaning to set goals to focus on, but other little plot bunnies keep coming up and ruining those for me...


    I'm excited for Dead Ringer! WOO!! It really does sound like a very interesting storyline and I want to know where it's going. :)