Friday, 1 July 2016

I'm Still Breathing.

I've gone quiet on here again because I haven't been doing anything, writing wise. My editing course has been pushed back to the end of August, Dead Ringer isn't drawing me in the way it was two months ago, and Crash Into Me has gone back to feeling wrong, wrong, wrong. It feels like no matter which way I turn lately, I can't get anything right. 

So I'm writing nonsense instead. Literally, I am working on a story hastily titled It's a Brave New World that is basically fan fiction centred around the characters that my friend and I created. She's the only one I'm allowing to read it, and I'm not putting a whole lot of thought or effort into it. It feels nice not to have to worry about perfection - but at the same time, I still find myself re-writing over and over because I hate the words I'm getting out. 

Now that we're in July, I'm going to try to focus on my various stories again. I still want to get back to that write-every-day mentality.

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