Crash Into Me
 Zachary Bennett is living a nightmare. 
By day he's just another kid trying to make his way through high school, but at night he becomes the only thing that stands between his drunken father's fists and his mother's fragile spirit. He can't tell the police for fear they'll tear his family apart, and he can't tell his friends for fear that they'll step in and get themselves hurt. 

So when the new girl stumbles onto the secret he's kept close for years, he'll do anything to keep her quiet - both for her sake and his own. 

June Carter is living a nightmare. 
 She just lost her mother and siblings to a car accident, and now social services are having trouble tracking down her long-absent father. To avoid forcing her to go into foster care, her California-based uncle steps in as her guardian and moves her half way across the world to live with him and his sons. 

She knows this is only temporary, and so she tells herself not to get comfortable - but then she meets the jade-eyed boy, and everything begins to change.  

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Dead Ringer
Twenty-year-old Amelia Ringer had everything she could ever have wanted in life: a loving family, brilliant friends, a steadily rising career in the music industry...

But all of that is lost to her when she and her sister are caught in a freak car accident - one that Amelia doesn't survive.

Devastated by her sister's death and afraid of having the media constantly throw it in her family's face, Adalia Ringer makes the hasty decision to take her twin's place - and with it Amelia's relationship problems, her job as the lead singer of a rock band, and her issues with the media. But despite what she might have thought, switching places was never going to be easy.

Especially when she begins to fall for a boy that Amelia wouldn't have been caught dead with. 

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The Demons in Us
Sydney residents are in mourning after a fifteen-year-old student opened fire at a local high school on Friday morning, leaving seven dead and five more injured in what has quickly become the nation’s worst school shooting.

The first shots were fired at approximately 9:33am, heard coming from a tenth grade English class in the school’s main building. Neighbouring students were quick to alert the school’s principal, and by 9:37am the school had gone into lockdown and emergency personnel were on the scene.

Officials report that the perpetrator, whose identity has not yet been revealed, shot dead five students and one teacher with a police issue Glock 22 pistol before turning the gun on herself. The gun is believed to be assigned to Senior Sergeant Henry Gavill of the Rockwood Local Area Command, whose daughter lost her life in the tragedy.

Gavill could not be reached for comment. 

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